Primrose Candy Company
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Primrose Candy

  • Family Owned and Operated

  • Manufactured in USA (Chicago, IL)

  • Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

  • BRC Certified Manufacturing Facility

  • Private Label

  • Bulk

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Primrose Candy Capabilities


Today our Capabilities Include the following

Manufacturing — Natural / Organic / Sugar Free / Dietary Supplements / COUGH DROPS

+ Hard Candy

· Hard boiled candies have been a Primrose tradition since 1928. Our facility currently offers 4 Hard Candy cooking systems and 16 different manufacturing lines dedicated to providing the highest quality USA made candy.

· Capacity – 30 million LBs annually

· Candy Base – Natural / Organic / Sugar Free / Dietary Supplements

· Wrapper Capabilities - Double Twist Wrapped / Pillow Packed

+ Chewy Candy

· With the capabilities to manufacture on 3 continuous cooking systems. Primrose has the ability to run medium and large scale batches for our customers. Our chewy capabilities consist of Caramel, Taffy, and Fruit Chews.

· Capacity – 30 million LBs annually

· Candy Base - Natural / Organic / Sugar Free / Dietary Supplements

· Wrapper Capabilities – Double Twist / Heat Sealed Dead Fold

+ Panning

· Primrose has the ability to run hard or soft sugar shells onto the products rotating in our state of the art panning facility.

· Hot and Cold Panning

· Candy Base - Sugar

· Capacity 5 million LBs annually

+ Popcorn (Coated Corn / Savory Corn)

· Primrose’s popping systems allow customers to enjoy the best of both the sweet and savory worlds. Our air popping systems allows us to either spray or coat the product with flavor.

· Capacity - 7.5 million lbs annually

· Caramel or Coated Popcorn – 5 million LBs

· Savory Popcorn – 2.5 million LBs

· Candy Base (caramel popcorn) - Sugar / Sugar Free

+ Dietary Supplements

· With Primrose's diversity, we are able to make dietary supplements in both the hard and chewy format as well as either sugar and sugar free.

· Dietary supplements may include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Vitamins

· Minerals

· Herbal Blends

· Functional ingredients (i.e. glucosamine)

· Menthol

+ Packaging

· Stand up Pouch - Primrose automated pouching system allows us to convert your premade or roll stock pouches into your desired finished goods at a high speed capacity.

Pre-Formed and Roll Stock Pouches

· Vertical Form and Fill Bags -

· Plastic Containers and Tubs

· Individual Folding Cartons

+ Research and Development

· Formulation development

· 90+ Years of Industry Knowledge

· Small and Large scale sample capabilities

· Shelf life study capabilities

The focus of our Research and Development department is you and your ideas! We use our industry knowledge to turn your idea into a consumer ready product.

Primrose has a designated lab for making candy which includes down scaled production equipment.

Our R&D process starts with your idea! From there we make our first sample to test the flavor, color and texture. Once you approve a sample, we move forward to creating a finished piece so you can see how the product looks when it is wrapped. Moving forward we run a pilot batch of the product. After an approval from this step, the product is ready to go into production.